Friday, November 14, 2008

New Mac Book Pro verdict

So after my foray with Ubuntu, I switched back to Mac with an all new MBP.
As always with Apple, with every improvement, there are always drawbacks and the new MBP is no exception.

The Good

  • Solid design. It feels a lot more robust. The form factor is more sleek too

  • SSD hard drive is lightening fast, plus I hope it will not fail me like the older SATA models

  • Keyboard feels great and I like the key spacing

  • Generally, faster hardware all round with 2.8 GHz Core Duo 2 and 4 GB ram. Makes for a good experience

  • Doesn't run anywhere nearly as hot as older MBP models

The Bad

  • The new trackpad is cool, but seems unresponsive at times. I also really *dislike* the click function. I would rather it would use a single tap only for click and use two fingers to drag items

  • The screen is glossy and there is no matte option. I am getting used to the screen but in some conditions it is awful

  • The new model is the same weight as the the older model and the its actually slightly bigger!

  • The battery and housing has a new design, so I cannot use my old backup batteries

I have no take on the battery life yet, but it doesn't seem any worse that my old MBP.

All in all, I am enjoying the responsiveness and will get used to the screen. I imagine the trackpad can be fixed with software. However, I would not have upgraded if I didn't need to, there is not enough incremental value from the old MBP model.