Wednesday, November 26, 2008

MuleCast, Blog and Books

The are number of good things happening in the Mule community at the moment. We recently started a podcast series which you can subscribe to here or get it directly in iTunes. Each episode is about 5 minutes where we talk to members of the community about all things Mule. Let me know if you have any particular topics you'd like us to cover.

Next, the team behind Mule are blogging! From the Mule's Mouth is where the core developers of Mule and Galaxy blog about what's going on with the products, in our industry, and more.

Finally, now is the time to stock up your geek library because there some great books for Mule users:

They should keep you busy when you're done watching crappy TV over Christmas. Note that Manning are also offering a 27% discount for customers that quote the promotional code: msource27. Be quick though I think this code will only work for another day.