Friday, June 20, 2008

One bad Apple spoils the barrel

Following on from my Apple woes earlier this week, I think my MacBook Pro hard drive got corrupted last night. The issue has manifested itself by getting stuck at the grey Apple screen at startup and I'm struggling to get anything more out of it. On start up things whir and beep but the damn thing doesn't get past the Apple-grey-screen-of-indifference. It's as if my Apple devices are colluding against me this week. I am now in the midst of trying to fix this mess and cursing Apple all the way.


David Dossot said...

I am identically disappointed at Apple's hardware. My MacBook Pro is the only laptop whose hard drive died on me, and this only after 13 months of usage. My iPod Nano crashes regularly. And the mighty mouse, whose only interesting feature is the lateral scrolling, gets dusty and clogged every other week.

Good looking but fragile hardware.

Oh, and I also came to hate OS X too ;-) Now I run Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro and, finally, I can do Java development without having the OS hindering it all the time.

Ross Mason said...

I must admit the way Apple fiddles around with the JDK just boggles me. I had never thought of trying Ubuntu on the Mac. Do all the drivers work?