Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dissecting Mice

In a fit of passive-aggressive rage against Apple, I decided to crack open my recently faulty Mighty Mouse. It was surprisingly hard to open because the thing had been glued shut (a $80 mouse is disposable according to Apple). After much prying and poking I got it open. This gave me sense of satisfaction that took me back to my childhood when I used to open up every gadget in the house to the dismay of my parents.
Anyway, I managed to clear out the dirt from the roller wheel but putting the thing back together was a fiddly task (much like it was in my younger years) and of course I had to glue the thing shut again to hold it all together. The good news is my mouse is working.

Here are some tips if you want to try this at home:

  • Do not remove the inner ring that the mouse glides on. There is no reason to and its something else you’ll have to glue.

  • Be careful when opening, the brown ribbon wire that attaches the scroll-ball is a bitch to put back in.

  • The scroll ball is housed pretty well, I think it would be easier to get a small screwdriver and run it around the scroll ball without opening the mouse up.


Daniel Feist said...

I had to open mine too because a knock moved the circuit board and the sliding on switch no longer made contact with the microswitch on the circuit board. After opening I pushed the board back into place, reassembled and everything was back to normal.

Another tip:
Make sure you glue it back together very well, enough to ensure that it can't come open if you happen to drop it. I went light on the glueing thinking I might need to open it again some time to clean the scroll wheel. Mistake! When my daughter managed to pull it off my desk it came open immediately and that tiny brown ribbon cable broke :-( Mouse still works, just I no longer have a scroll wheel.

Ross Mason said...

I wonder how many people have resorted to popping their Mighty Mouse open. Without the scroll ball that mouse is nothing, I hate the right click on it to.