Monday, June 16, 2008

Apple: Sexy, Sleek, Unreliable

I have been a Mac convert for over 4 years and bit-by-byte Apple have snuck their way into my home, office and pocket. I’ve always loved the fact that Apple have managed to marry function and form in away that makes me oblivious to spending money with them. Unfortunately, as I buy more Apple a nasty trend is emerging: their stuff breaks… a lot. I have been willing to ignore this trend because secretly, I want an excuse to buy the latest and greatest, but now it’s starting to bug me. Five minutes ago my “Mighty Mouse” scroll wheel broke. This is the third time this has happened and last Apple mouse I’ll buy. I just dug out a very old Microsoft mouse (one of the first with a scroll wheel) and it still works! (Though it is not wireless and cheapens the look of my desk). Last week, My partner in crime, Dave, was having problems with the Mac Book Air and has switched back to the Mac Book pro. And during JavaOne my iPhone crapped out and I had to replace it. That’s all in the space of just over a month. As much as I like Apple products, they are far from perfect, and these are the sorts of incidents that make me look elsewhere for my next gadget fix.


Rob Davies said...

I think you've been really unlucky Ross - I've had trouble with hard drives, and my iphone cracked - but nothing yet that I can't forgive - Apple looks too good!

Ross Mason said...

With hard drive problems and a cracked iPhone it doesn't sound like Lady Luck is in your corner either :). If my hard drive failed, it could send me over the edge. The user experience of Apple products is hard to beat... when they work.

Ross Mason said...

Rob, I think you tempted my fate:
Luckily I didn't go over the edge because I was using time machine.