Monday, May 12, 2008

Java + One = Mucho Drinking

By far the best part of JavaOne is the drinking. This is where all the Java kids converge and proceed to decimate their precious brain cells with copious amounts of booze. The only way to describe a good night out is with photos. My wife came out on the last night (though reluctant to join a group a guys “geeking out”) She was diligent enough to take some photos from the the Tangosol / SolarMetric founders party:

The Atlassian crew, Mike, Scott, Nick, Mary Ann and I. If there is beer drinking going on you can bet there will be some Aussies there!

I asked Patrick Linskey if he'll be cashing out after the BEA acquisition (who acquired his company, SolarMetric) he said nothing but held this pose for a good 5 minutes.

I had one of those sinking moments when I introduced my wife to Hani Suleiman of the BileBlog fame. He proceeded to describe what a "rusty trumpet" was to my wife and I made an obvious attempt to shield her delicate ears with a feather boa.

In open source community spirit Bruce Snyder initiates an Irish car bomb competition. Thankfully, I dodged this bullet and was able to function the next day.

When vendors collide; We have Glen Daniels from WSo2, Debbie Moynihan from IONA and me, pulling my unexpected paparazzi face.

Two of our hosts Cameron Purdy, Patrick Linskey and Matt Raible doing what they always do at JavaOne.

MuleSource out in force. Dan Diephouse is obscured by my beer but check out the cuff-links!


mcannon said...

Mate - good post. A few minor corrections, we're from Atlassian (not Altassian ;)) and I believe Hani was describing the Rusty _Trumpet_.

On those JavaOne nights.


Ross Mason said...

Thanks for the edits mate. I really have to learn to type properly...