Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fring me twice, shame on me

Even though I got Fringed the first time round, I find the idea of a universal chat client on my iPhone so appealing that I couldn’t resist trying it again. For Simpsons fans I felt like Bart when he repeatedly reaches for the electrified cupcake when Lisa devises the “is my brother dumber than a hamster” test.

Anyway, Fring did delete my SMS messages again. Contrary to my last post, SMS messages do get backed up by iTunes but Fring manages to work its way around that. But what’s worse (and maybe coincidence) was that my battery started draining at an alarming rate. Even when I uninstalled Fring my battery was hosed. So bad in fact I had to get another phone because it wouldn't even last half of the day and I couldn’t schedule my JavaOne appointments.

I really have learned my lesson this time. Stay away from Fring.