Sunday, April 6, 2008

Open Source Goat Rodeo

This is how conferences should be done. No AV problems, no PowerPoint slides to prepare, no panels, campfires or BOFs, and no sitting on corridor floors huddled around the power supply.
Instead, this event was held in the mountains of Salt Lake City, with the focus on dialog and skiing. We were a small group with folks with big presence in the Open Source and greater business community. The group included Matt Asay from Alfresco, Larry Augustin from VA Linux, SourceForge and XenSource fame, Jeff Borek from IBM, Fabrizio Capobianco from Funambol, Marc Fleury from JBoss fame, Lonn Johnston from PageOne, John Robb from Zimbra, Bryce Roberts from OATV and Zack Urlocker from MySQL.

Needless to say the conversation was fast flowing, forward thinking and thought provoking. We must definitely do it again next year.

Big thanks to Matt for only organizing everything and for the fantastic cherry pie he made with is own bare hands. It had the best crust I have ever tasted. Seriously.

So what about the Goat Rodeo I hear you ask? Well, the name was coined over lunch on the last day but I’m sure there will be a much stronger goat emphasis next year. Besides the acronym OSGR sounds like a credible event.


Zack said...

Ross, great photo. I will add it to some others I have posted here:


Ross Mason said...

Thanks Zack. I have some other photos to upload, I'll shoot you guys the link today.