Monday, April 7, 2008

MySQL Open Source underwear

At the recent OSGR event (yes, that’s Open Source Goat Rodeo), Zack from MySQL gave everyone a pair MySQL boxer shorts. These shorts, much like open source software, provided most of the functionality you’d want; elasticated waist, 2 leg holes, privacy. However, I noticed that there was no hole, you know… for frontal access. I was told that the hole was available in the enterprise version, but I could look to the community to see if they had already created a hole. Of course I could always create my own hole, but then I’d have to maintain it.

Personally, I would always go for the enterprise version since I like good support from my underwear.

Left to our own devices we deployed the product in ways it wasn't designed for, we really should have gotten help from the vendor.


Zack said...

I'm told these boxers are made for both men and women.

For those interested in getting their own pair of MySQL boxers, come by the MySQL recruiting booth at the user conference April 14-17 in Santa Clara.