Friday, April 4, 2008

iPhone Codes

I just found some notes I made when I first got my iPhone for setting things like call forwarding and the voicemail number. I figured they may well be useful to others.

Setting up call divert in Europe:

DIAL: *61* 00 CALL

For example this will set up call divert to voice mail when the phone is off, busy or unanswered:

*61* 00356909 CALL
*62* 00356909 CALL
*67* 00356909 CALL

You may also have like with this combination:

DIAL: *5005*86*voicemail number# CALL

where voicemail number is the number you dial to get to your voicemail.

When you do this, you should see:

“Setting Activation Succeeded” for: Voice, Data, Fax, SMS, Sync Data Circuit, Async Data Circuit, Packet Access, and Pad Access Call Forwarding.

To de-activate, call #002# from your iPhone.