Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Comparing WebLogic Integration with Mule

MuleCon has started and going very well so far, we have a great turn out of over 200 people. Rory de la Paz from Biogen is giving a presentation about his experiences with Mule and one of his slides is a pretty funny comparison of Mule and WLI. He uses the "sideways bike" versus the "single-speed bike" analogy. Before I go on you need to see the Sideways bike in motion.

Here the Sideways bike is WLI because:

  • It adds complexity to the solution

  • It does get you places... somehow

  • It gets you odd stares

On the flip side he described Mule as a Single-speed bike because:

  • It is simplicity in motion

  • It does get you places... fast

  • It gets you nodding stares

  • It is easy to fix and maintain

Personally, I am more of a car man and Mule has been described a the Porche 911 of ESBs by Burton.