Sunday, March 9, 2008

Two wipe outs in one week!

I've been out snowboarding for just under a week at Madonna di Campiglio, Italy. It was a really good to be up in the mountains for a few days.
It was an all-out boys trip with 10 guys from Malta, Poland, US and me holding the the British flag. We got off to a bad start when our plane got diverted (RyanAir) to an airport further out of our way. Thankfully, we found some crazy Italian taxi drivers (is there any other kind?) to get us to where we needed to be, complete with in-car dvd entertainment no less. The rest of the trip was an absolute beer fueled blast. Unfortunately, We didn't get powder till the last day and we were already on the bus to the airport. Bogus.
My first wipe out was caught on camera, then I got a cold the day after I got back to Malta and have been totally wiped out since. So if you have sent me an email recently, I am getting to it, just a little slowly.