Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pre-TSSJS nightmare

I intend to blog about the session I sit in on at TSS, but I had such a nightmare getting to Vegas that I think its worthy of a mention.
It was one of those days when everything went wrong. First I got our flight time wrong and an hour before the flight was to leave my wife and I were still packing. I called the airline who told me that I was in luck because my flight was canceled! - I liked the spin they put on this news. I inquired as to what my new flight time was. They had scheduled it for 8 hours later, which meant if I was on time I would have been stuck at the airport. Also, I had tickets for Zumanity, and my new flight time collided with this. After some discussion we managed to get on a SouthWest flight (they use Mule ☺). Now we only had 40 mins to get to the airport, so we were in a mad rush.

On the way to the airport, our cab driver asked to borrow my phone. When I handed it over I noticed some horrific skin disease on his hand and almost told him to keep the phone so I didn’t have to touch it again. While he was fumbling with my phone he missed our freeway exit and delayed us further.
Once at the airport I decided to upgrade to Business Class and was surprised and the nominal charge of $15. However, it turned out I just paid to jump the queue since SW flights are free seating!

We got to the Venetian without a hitch and the room is nice. In the evening we went to see Zumanity, one of the Circ du Soleil shows. This was nothing like I expected and felt a bit cheated since it was more like slapstick meets cabaret meets the carnies. I paid a high price tag for an uninspiring circus show without the lions, clowns or cannonball man, just the freaks.

If you do find yourself in Las Vegas and have an evening to spare make sure you see Le Reve, its awesome.