Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My iPhone is bugging me

This has been a long time coming. I go through this with every phone; I buy it, I am blinded by its flashy gizmos then I start picking at it. The difference with the iPhone is that it’s taken me about 6 months to get to the point where I feel compelled to complain, whereas it usually takes about 6 days. If I’m honest, I’ve been fully aware of the limitations of the iPhone from day one, but I was so impressed with the new touchy-feely-ness with it that I blocked out any bad thoughts. So here are the things that bug me most –

  1. There is no cut 'n’ paste feature. Why not? I have no idea. It seems so fundamental to have this feature in this type of phone.
  2. Where is my To Do list? I need a to-do list when I’m out and about. I think of things while waiting in queues, on trains or even when I wake up at night. These need to be synchronized with Mac Mail.
  3. I really want an off-line RSS reader. I don’t want to have to connect to the internet while roaming if I can avoid it, yet I have plenty of time to catch up on blogs while on trains, waiting in more queues, etc.
  4. There is no pocket Word, Excel or PowerPoint. You can read these files. Now I finally have a screen big enough to edit files but I don't have the capability.
  5. I can't cache YouTube movies. This means that if I do bookmark anything I have to download it every time I watch it. This is fine in the US where you can get fixed data plans, but don't try this at home if you're in Europe.
  6. The SMS application is pretty limited. I can't have distribution groups, forward txts or call phone numbers in txts. There is a community SMS application that gives you most of this and more, but I really expect it to come from Apple.
  7. I don’t like being tied to a network. I have different SIM cards for different countries, which means I either have to carry around 2 phones (that’s sooo 2005) or I have to unlock the phone.
  8. I wish the iPhone strategy were based on a more open platform. I do think it’s a good idea for Apple to govern the applications that published for the iPhone, but as a consumer I would prefer to have a choice to only install Apple approved software or use 3rd party applications. It feels a bit like Microsoft all over again.
I should point out that the really great thing about the iPhone is that it has redefined how we can interact with our phones and is responsible for raising the bar of what we expect from our phones in terms of design and technology. I am still a huge fan, but I need these things fixed if I am going to continue to swoon over this baby.