Thursday, February 28, 2008

MuleCon 2008: Last day for early birds

For those of you who Ride the Mule or are thinking you might want to, We are holding our 2nd MuleCon in San Francisco. It's a two day event starting on the 1st April (a.k.a. April Mules Day :) ). Today is the last day for early bird registration.

We already have registrants flying in from Japan, Europe (Norway is the furthest so far) and the US. It's a great chance to hear about what we have in the works for 2008, hear some great customer experiences (here are some from last year) and to meet the whole Mule team in person (Yes, we still have folks in 9 countries, No, it hasn't been that easy to manage but, Yes the team is awesome and we wouldn't have it any other way).
I'm really looking forward to catching up with many Mule users and having a beer or three.

Also, If you mention this blog you’ll get an extra $50 discount. Just email mulecon2008(a) or call +1-415-229-2065. Not bad, eh?