Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mule Galaxy 1.0-beta2 is out and looks great!

Dan and Andrew P. have done a great job on the latest release of Galaxy. For those who don’t know Galaxy is a SOA Governance platform and Registry. Up till now we’ve been focusing on Artifact management and design time governance, but we’ll be shifting gears now the core API is looking solid. In the latest release –

  • Improved Atom Publishing Protocol API. You can now create/delete workspaces, edit artifact metadata, edit artifact lifecycle information, and more.
  • Mule NetBoot. With Mule NetBoot you can load a complete Mule instance directly from the repository and discover configurations in the repository as well!
  • Maven publishing plugin, which allows you to easily publish applications and resources to the repository.
  • XML Schema indexing support
  • Additional Mule artifact policies.
  • Improved web application experience.
I’m really chuffed with Mule NetBoot and the Maven integration features. Dan has blogged more details here. I’m currently working on a presentation for TSSJS Las Vegas that will demo Building an ESB using Mule and Galaxy that will demonstrate some of these features and more.

Galaxy is hosted on MuleForge and you can take it for a test drive now.