First steps to SOA

"What does it really mean to introduce SOA into an organization? Ross Mason, CTO and co-founder of MuleSource, explains how an enterprise service bus allows different applications to communicate with each other."

Source: ZD Net featured video

Mule 2 Tech Brief

A Brief discussion of the new Mule 2 platform and it features.

Source: TheServerSide

Mule 2 and Beyond - JavaPolis

"This tech talk provides an overview of the new architecture and features of Mule 2.0, covering subjects such as configuration, orchestration and error handling."

Source: Parleys

The role of ESBs

"Mule founder Ross Mason talks about the the role of the ESB, when to use and not to use ESBs, BPEL, and ESBs vs. integration brokers. Mule is an open source ESB and Ross discusses how people are using Mule and how it compares to commercial alternatives. Ross reveals that Mule got its name because it takes the donkey work out of integration projects."

Source: InfoQ


Source: eWeek, January 2009

How Scripps Networks Manages Media Assets with Mule

Discusses how Mule is being used by Scrips Networks, leader in lifestyle media, to manage its media assets and serve as the infrastructure for rich internet applications (RIA).

Source: JDJ (print / online), August 2008

The Road to JBI: Paved with good intentions

This article discusses the limitations in the JSR-208 specification that prohibit the JBI approach from being a general purpose integration and discusses why JBI may be a misguided specification in the first place.

Source: The Server Side, July 2008